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Cylinder & Pneumatic Lockout Kit


Lockout Tagout is a safety procedure that ensures all hazardous energy sources are physically restrained against use.

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This kit includes:
2 x Vinyl Coated Hasp – Small
2 x Vinyl Coated Hasp – Premier
1 x Scorpio Two way Hasp
1 x Plug Lockout – Small
1 x Plug Lockout – Large
1 set x Premier Multipurpose Cable lockout with 2 mtr. Vinyl coated steel cable
1 x Gate Valve Cylinder Lockout
1 x Large Size Plug Cover
2 x Cylinder Lockout
1 x Pneumatic Lockout – Straight
1 set x Jacket Padlock with Regular Shackle
1 set x Jacket Padlock with Long Shackle
10 x Saf-T-Lockout Tags
10 x Saf-T-Lockout Ties
1 x Writing Pen
1 x Lockout Booklet
1 x Screw Driver
1 x Cylinder & Pnuematic Kit Lockout Bag

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