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BE Dry Powder Extinguisher


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    • rugged epoxy coated all steel cylinders, resist corrosion, dents and punctures.

    • chrome plated brass valve body.

    • stainless steel handle and lever.

    • stainless steel hose retaining clip and band.

    • rugged epoxy coated metal vehicle type bracket on 2.5kg model.


    • suitable for B Class Fires (flammable liquid fires such as oils, paints and solvents).

    • suitable for C Class Fires (flammable gas fires).

    • suitable for E Class Fires (energised electrical fires such as switchboards and electrical motors).


    Should be done every six months with Australian Standard 1851.

  • FE25BE 2.5kg, Rating: 30B:E, Size: 400mm (h) x 120mm (dia)
  • FE45BE 4.5kg, Rating: 40B:E, Size: 480mm (h) x 145mm (dia)
  • FE90BE 9.0kg, Rating: 80B:E, Size: 650mm (h) x 175mm (dia)

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